Hello Don!

Voice over training one-on-one with you has proven to be indispensable in honing my craft and gaining the confidence to read, audition and then book VO gigs. The group classes I'd taken turned out to be much more about the instructors collecting their fee rather than my development.

> That all changed when I started my one-on-one coaching with you. The demo you produced for me is absolutely top drawer. On its strength alone, I've booked gigs and found an agent.

Thanks to you, I've embarked on my second career. I will be forever grateful!

All the best,

Steve Lawrence, LA, CA

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To whom it may concern:


Taking voice-over lessons and recording a demo was one of the smartest things I have I ever done in my life. The fact that I ended up receiving voice-over training, coaching and guidance from the legendary Don Morrow was one of the luckiest chances of fate that has ever happened in my life.

After working as a receptionist for several years, I received many compliments on the “pleasantness” of my voice. In fact, one client thought I was an answering machine and proceeded to leave a message! He was shocked when he found out he was speaking to a live person! While I am still to this day not quite sure if that was a compliment , it peaked my interest in pursuing a possible career in voice-overs.

I was referred to Don by a relative who knew of him and urged me to see him, adding that Don was a seasoned professional and had been in the voice-over, news, television and commercial industries for decades.

So, I did. I attended a group class Don held in a recording studio on the second floor of an unassuming office building that I had driven by for years and had simply not taken any notice of, which is a perfect analogy for my knowledge of the voiceover industry prior to meeting Don.

I am embarrassed to admit that I was not familiar with Don’s name when I first met him, however, when he demonstrated the power of inflection and read a movie trailer to the class, I was blown away. He was “that movie trailer guy!” I had heard his voice for years - in theaters, on TV, on History Channel programs, A&E biographies – he was “that guy!” I was in the presence of greatness. And I was hooked.

I pursued my voice-over training with Don’s encouragement and took one on one lessons with him at his professional grade home recording studio. The one on one lessons offered personal attention and uninterrupted, focused training. There, I was exposed to a variety of different voice-over genres: movie trailers, news and television promos, commercials and documentary-style narrations, just to name a few. He gave me a seemingly infinite number of copy materials to take home and practice. We worked together to record my demo. It sounded so professional – I was amazed!

The demo opened the door for me to record some voice-overs for a video presentation my Company presented at our recent CEO Conference! Additionally, I am pleased to report that I just got my first paying voice-over “gig”- a 30 second ad spot for a local business! This is the beginning of a side career of which I am sure with practice, determination and perseverance, can turn into a very profitable full-time career.

I can’t thank Don enough for his expertise, his encouragement and his personal interest in my success. His knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed and I consider myself lucky to have been able to study and learn from such a seasoned professional. He is a genuinely talented man who was so pleasant and professional to work with. I would highly recommend that anyone serious about a career in the voice-over industry as well as professionals of all levels who desire a refresher course or expert coaching contact the expert within the voice-over industry: Don Morrow.

Tara Melillo, Brookfield, CT

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To all of you considering a career voiceovers:


Voiceover is such an exacting science..so many things to consider. Projecting feelings through your voice, proper pacing, taking the words from the page and giving them a life of their own, when to breathe, how to push for effect, and when to just relax and let it happen.

These are all things I have learned from Don Morrow's training sessions..talents I put to use in my voiceover work AND in my personal dealing with people. Don Morrow's decades of experience comes through in his one-on-one voiceover training and he has truly earned the nickname "Father of the Modern Voiceover".

Thomas Varhol, Bristol, CT

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To all, far and near,
Don Morrow is a Voice-Over Wizard!


We grew up listening to him and he is the most copied talent in the industry. But perhaps his greatest gift is his willingness to pass on the "tricks of the trade" and all of the "secrets" he should be able to patent -- he invented this stuff!

His unique training approach and his guidance all the way through demo preparation opened the door for me to one of the most prestigious talent agencies in the country. Don Morrow is a Training Wizard!

Steve Hickey, Carson City, NV "The Voice That Turns Heads"

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Dear Don,


It's been nothing short of an incredible three years since my VO workshop sessions with you. I just wanted to thank you once again for the terrific tutorials you provided that truly ignited my voice over career in ways I never thought possible. I tell my friends that you are my "Yoda", and a real gentleman, as well.

When the agent I was speaking with regarding representation suggested that I take a VO course with you, I remember thinking: "I've been doing VO in one form or another for 25 years. What can I possibly learn from Don Morrow that I haven't already discovered for myself?" Then I thought about it a little more. I realized that you have already been where I wanted so much to be in this business, and while I may have had 25 years of major market experience, you have had over TWICE that amount, with a tremendous track record of success. I reasoned that if I could even glean just one or two "nuggets" of wisdom from our sessions, they alone could be worth far more than the cost of the workshops, which I ultimately viewed not as an expense, but as an investment. Besides your invaluable coaching, I truly enjoyed our time spent together and marveled at listening to your reads right there before me. You're an incredible talent -- on either side of the microphone.

Since our sessions, I have:

Been signed by one of the top VO agents in Los Angeles; become "the voice" of KNBC-4, the leading Los Angeles network-owned television station; voiced a national TV spot for Goodyear Tire; voiced several network television promos for NBC, CBS, Turner Classic Movies and others; been featured on several theatrical trailers, TV and radio commercials (a long held dream of mine) and much, much more.

I had the desire and background, but you provided the catalyst I needed to develop that all important "signature" sound that I had been striving to define. And not just my own sound, but most importantly, a contemporary, commercially viable one at that. So thank you, Don. Despite all my successes in the past few years, I'm still learning from the master and you continue to earn my deepest respect and heartfelt gratitude.

Best wishes,

Jeff McNeal, San Diego, CA

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Taking voice-over lessons and recording a demo was one of the smartest things I have I ever done in my life....
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Hello Don! Voice over training one-on-one with you has proven to be indispensable in honing my craft and g...
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