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"This is like 4 years of a college course majoring in fun that pays off, while learning voice acting."


The Don Morrow Home Study Voiceover Training Course is designed to provide you with a virtual “one-on-one” course in the art and business of voiceover, taught by the industry’s most experienced professional voiceover artist. With more than 50 years in the business performing voiceover for motion pictures, radio & television, industry and more, Don will take you through a comprehensive instruction on voiceover technique, method and styles.

Also included is Don’s tutorial on how to get started in the business and build your career. Don’s personalized, easy-to-follow training method contained in these 5 CD’s, is the very same approach he uses with his students in classroom and one-on-one instruction and is designed to bring a performer to peak form in the shortest time possible.

By following Don’s instruction, you’ll find that the sky’s the limit for your talent, whether your goal is to be top voice at home in the local markets or worldwide. Check out Don’s career and student comments by clicking on

You will receive 5 training CD's for 5 Divisions of Voice Over which are: Movie Trailers, Commercials, News Promos, Program Promos, Narration. Also included is the book "EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT VOICE OVER BUT DIDN'T KNOW WHO TO ASK". It also contains the course outline, a table of CD contents and the CD scripts. It will tell you how to make it in the business and how to get the most out of the CD's.

Plus Free:

* Shipping & Handling

*AluminumCase (large enough to contain laptop, recording and listening devices)

* Fabulous uncut, unedited conversations with 2 legendary Voice Over Superstars:
Don LaFontaine and Mason Adams

* A personally signed picture of the 2 Dons

* Over a hundred extra practice scripts


Course Outline

Study Guide

  • Overview of "The Business"
  • Student Practice Method Explained
  • Practice Equipment
  • Types of Voiceover Needs
  • Script Reading Technique
  • Use of Voice

CD 1: Practice Session 1

  • Movie Trailers (without effects)
  • Bare-bones before they’re put in theaters or on the air.

CD 2: Practice Session 2

  • Movie Trailers (with effects)
  • Finished products: the way you saw and heard them.

CD 3: Practice Session 3

  • Commercials (with effects)
  • You’ve heard these

CD 4: Practice Session 4

  • Promos (with effects)
  • And these

CD 5: Practice Session 5

  • Narration (with effects)
  • and these


What equipment will you need?

 For listening to your lessons and recording your practice sessions you may already have the equipment you need.

Both Windows and Mac computers have programs that enable you to easily record your practice sessions.

To listen to the lessons you may use a computer, CD player,  any MP3 player or iPod.



You can now study with Don Morrow right in your own


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