Essentially, this website has 2 purposes.

First, to tell you that a working professional with well over half a century as a voice (and on-camera) performer in national and international television, radio and motion pictures is here to teach the essentials, the secrets, the methodology and the pathway to make it in the wonderful world of voiceover. I cannot urge you strongly enough to thoroughly checkout the person or persons with whom you intend to study.

Make sure I’m not a phony by checking with my manager and agents – the best in the country.
Is the person or persons you intend to study with a working performer, or even a “has been?” (That’s better then a “never was.”)

Secondly, and quite simply, as a performer who loves his work, this website is my pitch to sell what I do. I’ve always said: “It sure beats working for a living!”

"Here's what I'm currently doing that may be of interest to you: Call it a Voiceover/Voiceacting/Intensive Seminar/Workshop/Coaching/ Training Session...any or all of the above...and, besides the workout...GET A PROFESSIONALLY MIXED, AGENT ACCEPTABLE 90 SECOND DEMO WITH ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES....so good you'll swear you heard yourself on the air and your family and friends will believe it too! You will have had the ultimate Voiceover Immersion Experience."

OK - so you've always been told you have a great voice. So what? What have you done about it? What's the difference between you and those you hear on the air? One thing ONLY- they did something about it. Would you like to find out for a redeemable 99 Bucks and really learn something at the same time? You'll either love it or hate it. With the $99 sample lesson (click here to order), you'll either follow up with my CD Course and get a check back for the $99, or you'll forget about voiceover and keep the day job and you'll have cleared it out of your system once and for all for a measly 99 Bucks. You'll never get a better shot at Voiceover than this and that "you can take to the bank." If you want to do this click here.

All the best,

Don Morrow


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